Rovang Expands Marina Testing Services.

It was different to be at the Seattle Boat Show as Nordic Yachts Northwest but not be selling Nordic Tugs this year.  But regardless of what you may be selling, the point of the show is to make contacts.  I met some potential new customers, and enjoyed seeing some old friends I have not seen in a while.  And even made a contact that pulled me back in the direction of doing more Marine Electrical work, but with a new Twist.
I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman that was instrumental in the creation of the Marina Guard system.
I told him that the part of my marine electrical work that I liked the best was stray current, and galvanic corrosion testing.  In fact I had just been talking to Ryan here at the marina about his need for some help with testing the docks for stray current.  Darrell who I met at the show, told me Cap Sante Marina has, as part of it’s electrical system, one of the leak detection devices installed, but he thought that the marina managers needed help knowing how to monitor it, and what to do if it does indicate a problem.
So my focus is back on Rovang Marine but with the angle of doing more marina consulting and testing, and not so much replacing and enlarging battery banks.  My journey into yacht sales has been quite an experience but it is a rather unstable way to make a steady living.
I just Joined the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbor Masters and Port Managers.  Niccole and I are looking forward to making a lot of new friends in the Marinas around Washington and Oregon.  Helping boat owners and marina managers stay safe, and free of unwanted stray current corrosion.
I will add a page detailing my new expanded marina electrical testing service and consulting.
Stay Tuned.  -Jim

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